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Men: Stop Wandering!

The Saint Paisios Brotherhood is an association of men committed to helping you become the man who God created you to be in our private lives, our work, our families, and our communities.

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Our culture is in hopeless confusion.  We have to understand why we are confused to find our way out.  You will discover monthly how to become the man you are destined to be.

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Weekly Book Study

Fr Stephen Lourie hosts a weekly online books study,

Thinking Orthodox:  Understanding and Acquiring the Orthodox Christian Mind.

The subject is very helpful to converts to orthodoxy.

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Ancient Advice

Wisdom comes from experience.  We look to the wisdom that our ancient fathers  have passed to us.  St Paisios guides us as we seek to recover this wisdom and learn to apply it.

First Steps

Men are not meant to be alone!


Men learn how to become a man from other men.

It takes a brotherhood.

The Brotherhood of St Paisios are men teaching men how to become a man.

Our Vision, Mission & Goals
Alex P

Since joining The Brotherhood of St Paisios, I have seen myself grow in so many ways. The Brotherhood provides a supportive network through which one can develop as a citizen, as a man– and most importantly–as an Orthodox Christian. The fellowship provided by this group has helped me better understand what it means to emulate Christ and develop Orthodox Spirituality.

Rob A

The St. Paisios Brotherhood is the place we can talk about things that matter, our concerns, and daily problems.

The bonding that has occurred between us is powerful and I am happy to have developed some trusted new friends! 

Luke C

The St. Paisios Brotherhood has been walking with me in the middle of the biggest struggle of my life.

I’ve grown immensely with these Godly men. They have all suffered under their own crosses, and are now helping us carry ours.

If you enter into brotherhood with them, you will grow, you will be purified, and you will be transformed.

St Paisios - Advice to men:

  • You must take care of the purification of your soul on a daily basis.

  • You must acquire divine justice and not logic, for only then the grace of our Christ will come to you.

  • Before you do something, think if Christ wants you to act accordingly.

  • You must perfectly practice obedience, so you may later talk to others about the virtue of obedience.

  • The "no" you say to people must be "no", and the "yes" must be "yes". Do not pretend, but say whatever you think, even if it hurts the other person; say it in a good manner, however, and also give some explanations.

  • You must have and maintain this spiritual dignity; always pay attention to what pleases your fellow monks and not to what pleases yourself.

  • Everyday, you should read a section from the New Testament for the purification of your soul.

  • Do not look at what other people do, or examine how, and why they do it.

  • Your own goal is the purification of your soul and the perfect submission of your mind to divine grace.


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