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St Paisios Brotherhood Public Zoom Meeting

A great opportunity to meet other men and discuss the issues that matter most to us.

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Become A Pledged Member of the Brotherhood

  • Maintain a daily prayer rule,
  • Daily readings of Holy texts
  • Regular attendance in the liturgy
  • Keep the fasts of the church
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Achieving Sexual Integrity 6.0

A powerful 8 week course that will help you.

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Join The Pledged Member Boot Camp

The Boot Camp will provide the community, structure, and direction necessary for personal and spiritual growth. You will discover a supportive network of men who share their wealth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom, fostering mutual support throughout your journey.

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Fr Stephen Lourie's Book Study

Fr Stephen hosts a regular book study for orthodox men.

Great books, great ideas and great conversations.

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Ancient Faith Radio's "As Iron Sharpens Iron"

Iron Sharpens Iron gathers leading voices in the recovery of authentic manhood according to the teachings and practices of the Orthodox Christian faith

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Join Our Telegram Chat Community

We host a growing community of men discussing a host of topics and encouraging one another in the faith.

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