Pledged Member Boot Camp 5.0

Lay the foundation

to discovering authentic Orthodox manhood.


This course is now required before joining a Battle Team or The Achieving Sexual Integrity  program.

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Get serious about your faith and life in 4 weeks

The Boot Camp will provide the community, structure, and direction necessary for personal and spiritual growth. You will discover a supportive network of men who share their wealth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom, fostering mutual support throughout your journey. As you progress through the 4 weeks, you'll not only form habits that matter but also build personal accountability, helping you on the road to becoming the man God created you to be


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Commit To 4 Weekly Meetings

led by experienced mentors who guide you to act on what you learn, creating a foundation to build from and set you on the right path.

You will unshackle yourself from the lies that keep men weak and discover the strength that arises from a community bound by shared values.

Acquire Orthodox disciplines

essential to shaping a man's character. You will witness the astonishing achievements possible when committed men unite around the foundation of Orthodox Christian praxis.

Remember, God did not design us to work alone; join Our Pledged Member Boot Camp and discover the power of a community dedicated to your spiritual and personal growth.

Find Your Band of Brothers

We become like the men we associate with.

Join a group of committed Orthodox men who take their faith seriously.

These relationships will support you in making the changes needed to become stronger men, fathers, husbands, providers and leaders.

Your brother is your life.

Private Chat Group

Stay in touch with our band of brothers on a daily basis in your private Telegram group.

In the group you will find announcements, introductions, recommended books, articles, videos.

You will also be able to ask our mentors for help with your unique issues.

Zoom Meetings

You will discover the issues that have been plaguing you and what to do next.

The meetings are great way to meet our community leaders and find your place in it.

Course Graduates

are eligible for participation in a Battle Team or The Achieving Sexual Integrity program.

We understand the importance of finding your band of brothers, and our team is dedicated to helping Boot Camp graduates connect with like-minded individuals to continue their journey together.

Once you complete the Boot Camp you can apply to join a Battle Team or ASI program.


We help Boot Camp Graduates find a Band of Brothers to join.


If you are not yet a Pledge Member, first apply above.

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