About Us

Our vision, mission and goals:  

  • To strengthen men through brotherhood.  
  • To restore authentic masculinity in the hearts of men.   
  • To renew men by engaging in true brotherhood through which we gain our authentic masculinity within the faith, tradition and practices of the Orthodox Christian Church.  

Our course correction begins with a right belief about oneself, God, and our Church.  This is the living laboratory or learning process leading to union and salvation.  

 “The glory of God is a man fully alive,” wrote St Irenaeus of Lyons.    

We are committed to the restoration of true masculinity and the Kingdom of God in the hearts, minds and lives of men worldwide.  

We are establishing:  

  1. ‘Brotherhoods’, rooted in local Orthodox parishes around the world   
  2. Regular gatherings of men to forge authentic relationships and vibrant lives that lead them toward Truth, the Holy Scriptures and the Orthodox Church.  
  3. The recruiting and training of a network of mature and godly men to mentor those who come to us toward authentic manhood and realization of their own highest calling in Christ.