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A place where you can get the resources you need to help your men.

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Develop A Core Group Of Servant Leaders In Your Parish

If you have young men who are serious in their faith who are wanting to find ways to serve but need leadership training, we can help.

Help Your Men Who Desire Sexual Integrity

Our Achieving Sexual Integrity Program is getting tremendous results.  Turn these men into future leaders in your community,

Where do we begin in supporting your men?

We begin by asking men to  make a pledge, to:

  • Daily Prayer Rule
  • Daily Reading of Holy Texts
  • Regular Attendance/Confession
  • Maintain The Fasts.

You will gain a core group of committed men in your parish

These men hold each other to:

  • The Pledge
  • Personal¬†Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Service

We Have A Private Clergy Chat Group

We provide training in what we have found works with these men, including:

  • Gaining Sexual Integrity
  • Learn what works with your men
  • Obtain advice from other clergy on solving issues with your men



We Are Building A Team Of Clergy Experts To Support All The Needs Of Your Parish

Do you have knowledge, skills or training that could share with our men?

  • Men's Issues
  • Family Issues
  • Dating Issues
  • Finances
  • Regaining The Virtues

Clergy Are Stronger Together

Leverage the wisdom of other priests.  This work requires the wisdom of us all.


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