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article fr lourie Sep 16, 2021

Inquirer: Father, why should I go to a monastery? 

Abouna: There are many reasons. Why do you go anywhere? To receive something? 

Why do you go to a store? A ballgame? On vacation?  

Why is there a long Christian tradition of retreat? And pilgrimage? 

The answer is plain to see, we are needy, we are like sheep, unable to provide for ourselves. We lack while we learn to fully trust God. 

Life is hurried. We place a high value on “doing” in our culture; much more than on “being”. I want to learn to “be”. 

Think nothing and do nothing without a purpose directed to God. For to journey without direction is wasted effort. +St. Mark the Ascetic 

Today I visited “my monastery”. I go on a regular basis for orientation, to re-orient myself toward the Son. 

I learn I sit, I contemplate, I quiet (that is a verb), I pray, I confess, I converse with holy ones. 

Today my geronda (elder) gave me a word. Giving a word is a venerable tradition in the monastic world, it means, gives me some advice. After confession, I asked him if he had a word for me. 

What he told me was for me, he is wise. I needed it. 

This is medicine for the sickness of the soul. I need medicine; and all the other things I find when I go. It is humbling. May it be blessed.  

Find a sane and holy monastery. Visit often. Support them with what they need. Ask them to pray for you. 

Our Lord Jesus truly is The Good Shepherd. 

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