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Can I Really Break My Addiction To Pornography?

article fr jacobse pornography Nov 05, 2021

A better question to ask is, “Can God really help me overcome my addiction to porn and masturbation?” 

Yes, He can. You can’t do it without Him however.  

Try it alone and it wont work. All we have without God is our own willpower and that’s usually good for about four or five days. After that the cycle starts all over again. Some guys make it longer but most don’t. 

All lot of guys struggle with this. As the Brotherhood builds out we will have Arena groups that tackle the problem head on. They will be private and confidential but they will be honest and frank too.  

You will learn what you need to do to break the addiction. 

In the meantime remember this: No one desires your healing more than God. God is a compassionate and merciful Father and He will help you. So will we.  

Take the time to listen to some of the lectures and read the articles on the website that deal with porn and masturbation. It will help you understand the problem in better ways.  

Father Hans

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