Join Our Senior Mentor's Group

Help prepare a new generation of orthodox men for the challenges ahead.

This group is only for older men nearing or soon to retire who care about our next generation of orthodox men and are ready to help.

I Am Ready

Are you willing to share your experience with the younger men in our church?

We have young men who are serious in their faith who are wanting to find ways to serve but need leadership training, you can help.

Our men want the support of older men

In our program you will learn how to support them in developing personal discipline, orthodox practices, and refining their  life goals.

Where do we begin in supporting your men?

We begin by asking men to  make a pledge, to:

  • Daily Prayer Rule
  • Daily Reading of Holy Texts
  • Regular Attendance/Confession
  • Maintain The Fasts.

You will help mentor a core group of committed men in your parish

These men hold each other to:

  • To the Pledge
  • Personal¬†Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Service

We Have A Private Senior Mentors Chat Group

We provide training in what we have found works with these men, including:

  • Gaining Sexual Integrity
  • Learn what works with your men
  • Obtain advice from other clergy on solving issues with your men



Make A Difference In Your Local Parish


One of Our Online Groups

Do you have knowledge, skills or training that could share with our men?

  • Men's Issues
  • Family Issues
  • Dating Issues
  • Finances
  • Regaining The Virtues

Passing the torch to a new generation

Help our men learn from your lifetime of experience. 

Our young men can learn a lot from you experience of what works and what doesn't.

We support you to make you very effective.


I Want To Join This Group